Run Your Business on Auto-Pilot With Our AI Powered, All-In-One CRM

Revolutionize the way you run your business with our 24/7 AI ChatBot & Automated Workflows.

Bot-Nexi, our AI Chatbot will instantly turn visitors to leads, answer all their questions then automatically follow up with them to nurture them to a sale!

Say goodbye to the old, time consuming, manual approach to running your business & say hello to the CRM of the future!

➡️ Now That's Next Level!
  •  Works for Every Type of Business 

  •  Minimal Computer Skills Required

  •  We Custom Build Your CRM for You

  •  And Help You With Your Marketing

  •  So You Can Focus on Your Business!

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For Our Zapier-Free Approach to CRM

Customer Service

So, What Makes This CRM So Next Level?

1️⃣ POWERED BY AI: A CRM that's powered by AI means you can automate 90% of your support, marketing  & sales. That's next level efficiency & automation that wasn't possible until now.

2️⃣ NO ZAPIER: Having all 14 essential apps you need to run your business in one place means everything works harmoniously as one. 

3️⃣ 1000% MORE VALUE: NexLvL is Australian owned & self funded, which means you won't get ripped off by big US companies who charge a "pay per user" subscription model & make you "upgrade" for "basic" features?

4️⃣ TECH SUPPORT: You get 18/7 local support during local hours by local people. You can also hire NexLvL CRM experts from $10usd/hr to build your CRM & do everything for you!     

5️⃣ MARKETING ADVICE: You get 18/7 personal marketing & business advice from some of the best marketing & business brains in the world in the NexLvL CRM & Marketing Facebook Group. 

❓Are you still "Zapping" different tools or juggling lots software to run your business?

❓Are you paying more than $100/mth in sales & marketing software?

❓Don't wanna pay expensive consultants to custom build your CRM?

📊 Then it's time to go NexLvL! 

LifeTime Plan Available For a Limited Time

NexLvL's Automated "SmartFlows" Are The Secret To Your Success

Without  Smartflows, you're aimlessly trying to get visitors to your website without a proven plan to convert those visitors into leads and paying customers.

What is an "Automated SmartFlow" & why do you need one?

Basically, an "Automated SmartFlow" is a system that turns your website visitors into leads, then automatically follows up with them to educate & turn those leads into happy, paying repeat customers. 

We have 14 services all connected (without zapier) so you can just "drag & drop" to easily & quickly createAutomated Smartflowsto help you:

  • Capture - Collect leads & orders from your website, forms, chat widget, calendar, phone

  • Market - Automatically follow up with every enquiry until they buy 

  • Scale - Grow your business without needing a huge team since everything is automated

Without NexLvL SmartFlows

  •  Just Hope People Order

  •  Aimlessly Searching for Customers

  •  Time-Consuming Hustle To Close Sales

With NexLvL SmartFlows

  •  Convert More Visitors into Sales

  •  Get a Steady Stream of Customers

  •  Use Automation To 10X Productivity 

Lifetime Deal Available For a Limited Time

NexLvL is...

Your Ai Sales & Support Team (fully trained for your business & industry with one click). 

Bot-Nexi learns about your business & industry, instantly answers visitors' questions, captures leads, adds & updates prospects to your CRM, books appointments and automates your follow-up & marketing!

With Our Ai ChatBot, You Can...

  •  Upload your FAQ's, knowledge base, help docs & your website url to fully (& instantly) train him on your business & Industry  

  •  Replace your expensive sales & support team (he'll do the work of 1000 live chat agents!) 

  •  Automate everything from initiating small talk, to answering questions, doing consultations, quizzes, lead capture, form submission, appointment scheduling & follow up

Why is Our ChatBot so Next Level?

Because Bot-Nexi is powered by Chat GPT, you can train it with 1 simple click.

This means that instead of "building" a Chatbot the traditional way, you just have to upload a website url or a file about your business &/or industry & you're done!

So a chatbot that used to take weeks & $10,000's of dollars to create can now be built in just a few minutes with just a few clicks (for only $97/mo).

Now That's Next Level! 

"Bot-Nexi is natively integrated with our All-In-One CRM. This means you can connect up your forms, quizzes, calendars & automations & have Bot-Nexi do everything for you!"


Monthly Plans Available Too

NexLvL is...

Your All-In-One, Zapier-Free CRM  (the smartest, easiest CRM... Period).

NexLvL CRM offers 14 essential business applications, built into one platform to give you everything you need to grow your business.

Each application in NexLvL CRM has been designed to replace the the most commonly used, well-known business tools in the market.

With Our Customer Relationship Manager (CRM), You Can...

  •  Discover customer insights from every interaction with your business

  •  Segment your leads and customers so every part of the customer journey is organized 

  •  Experience increased productivity with click-to-call, email, SMS, and more

"Each NexLvL application is dynamic on its own, but the real power is unleashed when you deploy Bot-Nexi our AI ChatBot to bring it all together"


Monthly Plans Available Too

NexLvL is...

Your Business. Automated 

If you're not automating your support, marketing, sales outreach & lead follow up, then you're working harder than you need to. 

Use our drag & drop automation builder to chain together steps to create automated workflows in minutes. 

With Our Automation Flows, You Can...

  •  Automate your marketing with customized automations to close sales while you sleep

  •  Boost engagement and fill your pipeline with personalized automations triggered based on user behavior 

  •  Be empowered to automate more of your business to eliminate the day-to-day busy work

"Acquiring a lead marks the first step, but the true power lies in automating and streamlining workflows to transform leads into loyal customers and ultimately, advocates. We equip you with the necessary tools, support, and resources to achieve precisely that"


LifeTime Plan Available For a short time

NexLvL is...

Your Affordable SMS Marketing

98% of customers open SMS, but sending bulk SMS gets expensive fast.

That's why we integrated the cheapest SMS Gateways on the planet to give you the freedom to send as many SMS messages without worrying about a huge bill every month 

With NexLvL SMS, you can...

  •  Experience the power of sending automated, personalized SMS for marketing, notifications & sales announcements

  •  Discover how missed call text backs can significantly increase sales and ensure that you never miss a lead or lose them to your competitor 

  •  Build SMS automations based on customer behavior then trigger automations to eliminate manual follow ups 

"Effective SMS Marketing - Building Customer Relationships for Success! Convert leads into loyal customers and fans by leveraging our tools, support, and resources. Let us help you establish lasting connections."


LifeTime Membership Available For a Limited Time

NexLvL is...

Your Forms, Surveys, Quizzes & Signatures 

Forms are the lifeblood of your business. Without forms, you can't provide quotes, sell products, take bookings, collect leads or signatures online.

Use our drag & drop form builder to create smart forms that use conditional logic, accept payments, generate reports, and automate workflows.

With Our Form & Quiz Builder, You Can...

  •  Easily drag & drop to create your quote forms, payment forms, lead capture forms, quizzes & surveys, signature forms, and more.

  •  Experience the power of using answers on your form to trigger custom automation sequences.

  •  Fully customize your forms and drag & drop them them on any website (no inserting code required).

"We have designed our form builder to compete with market leaders like JotForm & Type Form. We guarantee you'll love it!"


NexLvL is...

Your Inbox, Desk & Customer Support System

For the 10% of conversations that Bot-Nexi can't handle - We have our unified inbox.

Turn your leads into customers & customers into fans by communicating with them wherever they are. Assign conversations to a specific team or agent, add conversation labels, send emails, SMS, book meetings, snooze or resolve all from one page!

Need more insight? With one click, you can see EVERYTHING about that contact like what forms they've submitted (& their answers), what workflows they're in, what pipelines & stage they're in, what they've purchased & more!

With Our Unified Inbox & Desk, You Can...

  •  Strengthen your brand relationships with a single, simple system that eliminates the need for multiple logins

  • Collect more leads on your website with our chat widgets

  • Discover how automation can help with customer interactions and better personalized marketing

"Forge Strong Customer Bonds with our Support System. From leads to fans, our Inbox, Desk & Customer Support tools empower you to cultivate meaningful relationships that drive success."


Monthly Plans Available Too

NexLvL is...

Your Email List Builder & Email Marketing 

Your email list & autoresponder is still the bedrock of your business. Without the ability to send personalized emails at the right time, you can't stay on top of your customer's mind.

Use one of our many templates to create beautiful emails then use workflows to create your automated email campaigns in minutes! 

With Our Email Marketing System, You Can...

  •  Connect your everyday Gmail or Outlook email account & send automated, mass email for FREE!

  •  Design beautiful, professional emails using dozens of built-in templates to easily build your email newsletters, auto-responders, product launch announcement & more

  •  Experience world class email deliverability so emails actually make it to your customers' inbox

"Our text editor has been designed so your recipient cannot tell the difference between an email that's written from your Gmail/Outlook inbox & one that comes from your automations".


NexLvL is...

Your Sales & Task Pipelines

Sales is king; without pipelines, your leads slip through the cracks and you lose a bunch of money

With Our Pipelines, You Can...

  •  Effortlessly close sales in your pipelines with email, and SMS

  • See how your leads and customers are progressing through the pipeline and know what to focus on

  • Experience the power of automation in your sales pipeline to nudge prospects to the next stage

"NexLvL Pipelines is natively integrated with NexLvL Workflows. So when you drag a contact card to another column, you can trigger a new automation"


Monthly Plans Available Too

NexLvL is...

Your Automated Calendar & Booking Engine  

Automatically book leads, prospects & customers to your calendar without the back & forth and without lifting a finger 

With Our Calendar & Booking Engine, you can...

  •  Simplify scheduling and eliminate email back-and-forth to find the perfect time

  •  Effortlessly build calendar forms to collect payment for services, team calendars, round-robin routing, and more

  •  Customize logos, colors, booking reminders, and trigger automations based on user behavior


Get Everything For $100/mo

NexLvL is...

Reputation Manager 

Social proof establishes the credibility of your business. Without it, you'll lose sales & opportunity to your competitors.

Reviews are the most effective form of SEO to increase your business visibility in Google Searches and Google Maps.

With Our Reputation Manager, You Can...

  •  Get 100's of new reviews on autopilot and get a flood of new enquiries from Google & other sites that matter! 

  •  Automatically showcase your best reviews on your website and auto post reviews to social media!

  •  Get Video testimonials & showcase them on your website using our widgets with one click!  

"Our Reputation Manager is integrated with platforms like Google, Facebook, Trust-Pilot, TripAdvisor, Amazon, eBay, Apple App & Google Play so you can collect, showcase & share reviews from platforms that matter most!"


NexLvL is...

Your Websites & Funnels

Our beautiful website template library gives you one click creation of your websites to capture leads and sales

With Your New Website and Funnel Builder, you can...

  •  Have the absolute fastest website for better Search Engine Rankings (SEO), higher conversion rates, and more sales

  •  Use over 100 pre-built website blocks to quickly get your beautiful site online

  •  Create the best sales funnels, landing pages, opt-in pages, product sale pages, and more

"Our text editor has been designed so your recipient cannot tell the difference between an email that's written from your Gmail/Outlook inbox & one that comes from your automations".

Why do our websites load so darn fast?

Because our website builder, builds in pure html/css rather than a database of objects. It's almost as clean as writing the html yourself. Plus our CDN (content delivery network) is crazy good (next level) impressive.


NexLvL is...

Your Social Media & Viral Sweepstakes

Social media brings the personality of your business to life! Without it, you can't increase brand awareness, educate your customers, or increase website traffic & search rankings or acquire new leads.

With Our AI-Powered Social Media Scheduler, You Can...

  •  Create 100's of posts in minutes using AI & schedule/ repost evergreen content 

  •  Use our mobile app to schedule posts all your social media accounts on the go to

  •  Run viral contests & sweepstakes using incentivized sharing like share a deal, get a deal, weekly givaways

"NexLvL Socials is an Ai-powered social media management solution that makes it easy to manage multiple social networks, run contests, and capture new leads & influencers"


LifeTime Deal Available

NexLvL is...

Your Super-Power

If you're a business that is duct-taping multiple tools & paying multiple subscriptions then we have a solution!

That's Why We've Solved This Problem By Including CRM Implementation & Marketing in Our SubscriptionsStruggles Implementing Tech Tools & Executing Marketing Strategiess.

➡️ Now That's Next Level!

we decided to not just provide the best business tool on the planet (our software will speak for itself - just try it & see) but we also wanted to address these 2 biggest problems business owners faceby implementing the CRM for you & doing your marketing.

LifeTime Plan Available

Frequently Asked Questions.

Are support and updates included?

YES! We're constantly adding updates for free, and we offer email, chat, and Zoom support sessions. Since we're hosted in the cloud, you don't have to worry about updates. You automatically get the latest and greatest updates.

Who owns the data, content, and subscribers?

You do! All the data, customers, and everything else in your account are 100% yours.

Do I have to download and install any software?

No! We created this system so you wouldn’t need a team of I.T. people to just run and scale your business. Just login and start building with drag and drop in the members' area.

Can you handle the load?

Absolutely. We're is powered by Amazon, AWS Global Accelerator, and a proprietary multi-CDN. We're fault tolerant, distributed, highly available, and ready for anything you can throw at us.

Do I need to pay for and connect to Twilio to send SMS?

Nope. We are truly an all-in-one, and if you want a phone number to make calls or send SMS, its just a click away. No integrations or third party services are needed. However, if you want to connect to Twilio, you can!

Do I need to pay for and connect to a 3rd party provider like Mailgun to send email?

Nope. We are truly an all-in-one, and if you want to send email, just connect your domain name. No integrations or third-party services are needed. If you want to connect to any other email service provider like Gmail, you can!

Can I transfer or port my phone number?

Yes! If you're tired of paying a ton for your VoIP phone service, we have a simple online process to port your phone number over. You can also "verify" a phone number you already own to use as the caller ID phone number displayed on outbound calls without porting your number.

I already have a website. Can I still use this system?

Absolutely. The website and funnel builder are just two of the many services included. Such as adding chat widgets, forms, and more to your site.

Do the calendar bookings sync with my calendar?

Yes! Connect your Gmail, Google Workspace, Outlook, or Office365 calendar to enable the meeting scheduler, and then your appointments and meetings are synced across all your devices.

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