Automate 90% of Your Support, Sales & Marketing With a Few Clicks!

According to studies - 78% of customers buy from the first business to respond & sales conversions are almost 400% higher when responding to leads in the first minute.

If you take longer than 5 minutes, your conversion rates decrease by 800% (because by that time, your competitor has already responded & started a conversation with the lead).

Just give Nexi your Website, FAQ's, Knowledge Base, Help Docs etc & he'll learn everything about your business & Industry before you finish your morning coffee.

He'll then instantly answer your customer's questions, captures leads, book appointments & automatically follow up your customers to nurture them into a sale!

Start automating your business & cut your operational support costs by 90% by letting Nexi do the work of 100 live chat agents!

Did we mention that he'll never call in sick or take vacations either?

↗️ Now That's Next Level!

  •  Answer Questions Instantly so You Never Miss a Lead

  •  Do Away With Traditional Drag & Drop ChatBot Build & Development

  •  Custom-Train With a Few Clicks & Deploy Bot-Nexi in Minutes!

  •  So You Can Focus on Your Business!

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Customer Service

So, What Makes This Chatbot so
Next Level?

Back in 2018, we were one of the first agencies in Australia to start building ChatBots
using tools like Manychat.  

In 2020, we were awarded one of the Top 10 best ChatBot builders in the world (out of 750+ entrants)

Over the last 5+ years, we have built 100's of Chatbots across multiple industries. 

Today, We've taken all of that experience & teamed up with some of the best AI developers in the world to bring you the easiest, most user-friendly GPT-Powered Chatbot.

Meet Bot-Nexi.

The only GPT- Powered Chatbot in the world that's natively integrated with an Enterprise-Level CRM.

🤖 INCREASE PROFITS: Your profits are connected to your conversions which is connected to your lead response time. With Bot-Nexi on your team, you're answering enquiries & winning  every lead before your competitors even has a chance. It's almost cheating! 

🤖 10X EFFICIENCY: Bot-Nexi will do the same work as 1000 live chat agents all at once so you can do 10x more with 10x less.  Empower your team to address the higher-value needs of your business & leave 90% of customer (& tech/sales) support to Nexi. 

🤖 INTEGRATED WITH CRM: Bot-Nexi is currently the only AI chatbot that is natively integrated with a CRM & Workflow (without zapier). This means that Nexi doesn't just answer FAQ's, he can also fill out forms, do consultations & trigger workflows that start nurturing & following up your customers to a sale!

You don't have to spend months being frustrated with "drag & drop" Bot building software or pay $1000's of dollars to agencies to "custom-build" your ChatBots from scratch... 

Are you still answering enquiries manually?

❓Are you still following up leads manually?

❓Are you still training or paying live chat agents?

↗️ Then it's time to get Bot-Nexi!

Just $97/mo

Traditional AI vs Bot-Nexi AI

 Traditional AI knows nothing about YOUR business, website, or customers. On top of that its not integrated with your lead capture Forms, Email, SMS, and marketing automation tools to communicate with your customers.

  •  Capture - Collect leads & orders from your website, forms, chat widget, calendar, phone

  •  Market - Automatically follow up with every enquiry until they buy 

  •  Scale - Grow your business without needing a huge team since everything is automated

Traditional AI

  •  AI's not specifically trained on your business and gives embarrassing and wildly inaccurate answers

  •  AI's not integrated with your email autoresponder

  •  AI's not integrated with your SMS automation

  •  AI's not integrated with your Calendars & Booking System

  •  Time-Consuming Hustle To Close Sales

Bot-Nexi AI

  •  Instantly trained to be an expert on your business and works 24/7

  •  Everything in one platform means you're online with NEXI AI in minutes.

  •  Is focused on capturing leads and triggering marketing automations. Convert More Visitors into Sales

  •  Works 24/7 and responds in seconds

  •  Use Automation To 10X Productivity 

Just $97/mo

Bot-Nexi is...

The World's First AI-Chatbot With Built-In Marketing Automations

If your ChatBot can't connect to your workflows, then it's just a glorified FAQ widget & lead capture form.

That's why we integrated Bot-Nexi to NexLvL Workflows so you can fully automate your support, sales & marketing outreach!

With Our Workflow Integration, You Can...

  •  Get Bot-Nexi to trigger custom automation sequences based on your customers answers

  •  Get Bot-Nexi to create new pipeline items for you & send SMS, Emails to all your leads &  team members 

  •  Automate 90% of your business to eliminate the day-to-day busy work

Just $97/mo

Bot-Nexi Can...

Ask Questions & Fill Out Forms

Want your forms automatically filled out?

Not a problem! Just give Nexi some context & tell him what form to use & he'll do the rest!

With Nexi's Form Skill, You Can...

  •  Get Nexi to do consultations, surveys & quizzes on your website chat or via SMS 

  •  Not just capture new leads but effortlessly segment the hottest ones 24/7

  •  Trigger automations based on how customers answer the form questions

Bot-Nexi Has Expert Consultation Skills

Bot-Nexi Can...

Reply to Incoming SMS For You 

Too busy to reply to text messages?

Not a problem! Just tell Nexi which number you want him to monitor & when you get an SMS, he'll take care of it for you! 

Start replying to every SMS in seconds & never miss a lead or lose another opportunity to your competitors again!

With Nexi's Automated SMS Replies, You Can...

  •  Respond to every enquiry in seconds to make more sales!

  •  Have conversations 24/7 with 1000's of customers at once

  •  Get Nexi to hand over the hottest leads that are ready to buy

Combine With NexLvL SMS 

Bot-Nexi Can...

Human Hand-Over

Want to take over tricky conversations?

Not a problem!

That's why we created the 1-click switching button so you can seamlessly switch between
Bot-Nexi & human chat with a click of a button!

Bot-Nexi take the load off you or your team, but when that human touch is required, he'll hand it over to live chat, then when you're done, you can hand it back to him with one click! 

With Nexi's Human Hand-Over & 1-Click Switching, You Can...

  •  Let Bot-Nexi hand over tricky conversations to you when required

  •  Bot-Nexi continues to learn and gets smarter over time

  •  Enjoy your new free time and hand off conversations back to the Bot when needed

Just $97/mo

Bot Nexi Can...

Create Pipeline Cards

Want Nexi to create contacts & tasks in your pipelines?

Not a problem! Nexi will never let a "To-Do" item or a lead slip through the cracks again!

With Nexi's Pipeline Creation Skill, You Can...

  •  See all new tasks & leads in your task & opportunity pipelines

  •  Drag & drop cards to different columns to trigger more automation 

  •  Experience the power of automation to do 10x more in 10x less time

Just $97/mo

Bot-Nexi Can...

Book Meetings to Your Calendar 

This skill by Nexi is coming soon...

With The Booking Skill, You'll Be Able To...

  •  Get Nexi to book meetings in a specific team members calendar

  •  Get Nexi to send Email & SMS reminders to all parties so they don't forget to attend the meeting

  •  Get Nexi to conduct surveys & quizzes after the meeting   

Just $97/mo

Bot Nexi Can...

Send You Conversation Summaries

Want to receive a summary of Bot-Nexi's conversations?

Not a problem! Just choose an email or phone number and Nexi will send a 
summary of every conversation so you can monitor & train if neccessary!

With Conversation Summaries, You Can...

  •  Send summaries to specific team member to monitor to train Nexi as required

  •  Click a link to go straight into the conversation and take over if required 

  •  Strengthen your brand's relationship with customers

Just $97/mo

Just Some Amazing Automations That Nexi Can Do For You!

Order a Product/

Add a Contact
to Your CRM

Create a
Pipeline Item

Cancel a Subscription

Lookup & Merge a Contact

Create a New Membership

Score a

Set an Owner to
a Contact

Launch a Zapier Webhook

Launch a Pabbly Webhook

Launch a Facebook Pixel

Append Data to
a Contact

Fire Off a
Custom Pixel

Connect to a
Custom API

Trigger a

Redirect Visitor
To a URL

Add or Remove
a Tag

a Blueprint

Wait For The Amount of Time

Skip To a
Custom Step

Wait For Reply

Run Custom

Wait For Email/SMS

Remove Contact From a WorkFlow

Wait For a Condition

Random Route

Add To Flow

Bot-Nexi is...

Your Employee of The Month. Every Month.

Finally,  you don't have to be a genius coder & developer or even know anything about computers to build a $10,000 ChatBot for your business!

Just $97/mo

Frequently Asked Questions.

Are support and updates included?

YES! We're constantly adding updates for free, and we offer email, chat, and Zoom support sessions. Since we're hosted in the cloud, you don't have to worry about updates. You automatically get the latest and greatest updates.

Who owns the data, content, and subscribers?

You do! All the data, customers, and everything else in your account are 100% yours.

Do I have to download and install any software?

No! Simply login to NexLvL to create your custom-trained ChatBot online in seconds. Then copy and paste the ChatBot code onto your website.

How does the Bot training work?

                    Your bot is trained specifically for your website, the files you upload, and the text you enter inside the app. You simply enter your website address or copy and paste some text,                         and we do the rest.

How do I install the Bot on a website?

Simply copy & paste the AI ChatBot widget on your website. Works on every website, store, and blog.

How do Automation work with the Bot?

Every time the bot captures a lead or other data that you define, an automation is triggered. Inside this automation, you can use the data the bot collected in the chat to build custom automations and even send the data to tools like Zapier.

Do you integrate with Zapier or Pabbly?

Yes, we can send webhooks to Zapier, Pabbly, and any other service under the sun! But we have a team building a Zapier-type competitor service that will have hundreds of automations built in. So soon you can cancel that subscription!

Can you Connect to My CRM?

Yes! In our drag and drop automation flow builder you can use webhooks or post your leads to any other CRM. Have your chatbot post new leads, appointment requests, demos, or other information to your favorite CRM's and tools.

Do you have an API?

Yes we have an API so you can connect your bots to third party services or integrate with any other system.

Can you handle the load?

Absolutely. We're is powered by Amazon, AWS Global Accelerator, and a proprietary multi-CDN. We're fault tolerant, distributed, highly available, and ready for anything you can throw at us.

Do I need to pay for and connect to a 3rd party provider like Mailgun to send email?

Nope. We are truly an all-in-one, and if you want to send email, just connect your domain name. No integrations or third-party services are needed. If you want to connect to any other email service provider like Gmail, you can!

Can I transfer or port my phone number?

Yes! If you're tired of paying a ton for your VoIP phone service, we have a simple online process to port your phone number over. You can also "verify" a phone number you already own to use as the caller ID phone number displayed on outbound calls without porting your number.

I already have a website. Can I still use this system?

Absolutely. The website and funnel builder are just two of the tons of services included. Such as adding chat widgets, forms, and more to your site.

Do the calendar bookings sync with my calendar?

Yes! Connect your Gmail, Google Workspace, Outlook, or Office365 calendar to enable the meeting scheduler, and then your appointments and meetings are synced across all your devices.

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